Braindrop Writing

Number 1



In English, we have been doing Braindrop writing. This is where our teacher gives us a subject and we get 5-10 minuets to write down all our ideas. Here are some of the ones I have done so far;


Topic – I stepped outside and my thoughts were whirring …


War. There is a war going on and I was thinking about it.

Stepped out of hospital for a bit of fresh air

Big casualties Couldn’t afford to take breaks

Shortage of VADs and Nurses

A bomb was dropped

Full of Gas

All soldiers had serious burns

Snuck outside for a bit of fresh air

Back inside

Hallways full of men on stretchers

Down into surgical theatre

Men needed their burns treated

Felling sorry for men whose burns were not serious enough to go into surgical theatre

Disfigured men being carried in and out

Limbs being burnt

The smell of burnt flesh filling my nose



14th October 2010









Number 2


Topic – My Favourite Food



Sweet, but sour at the same time

Smooth, citrusy

Makes me happy

Reminds me of warm, summer days in the pool

With family and friends

Sweet juice trickles down my throat

Tingle runs down my spine

I love it

Just alone

Without anything else

I take a bite

That familiar taste

I can see the pool in summer

The feeling of dey ja vu

I smile to myself

I listen to the sounds of laughter and splashing

Just memories

But real, at the same time

But there is a sadness

No more fun like that

Unleast not until summer again

Just coldness

For now

Sweet, and yellow

Working methodically down my throat



19th of October 2010








I woke up, and I was instantly cold. I shivered. I glanced out the window. Water was dripping of the leaves and making puddles on the ground. I looked up into the mournful sky. It was crying, and I wondered why. The grey sky stretched its cold fingers across the land, enveloping it in cold. It was only just light, but the sun was not there to greet me. In its place was mist, creeping stealthily along the ground, almost knocking on my window, peering in. And then it was gone.


The sky stopped mourning and the clouds slowly lumbered away, leaving a crystal clear sky in their place. The sun came out and smiled at me, shining its warm rays across the land and chasing away the cold.  Slowly, the ground began to dry and the animals came out of hiding. The birds began to chirp and scrounge around in the dirt for something to eat. A rabbit hopped past, standing out, white, against the fresh green grass.


And my cat came in and snuggled up next to me, enjoying the warmth the sun offered. It was going to be a beautiful day.

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